Our advantages

  • Customized designs to suit your needs.
  • Quality materials for lasting durability.
  • Expert craftsmanship for superior construction.
  • Efficient project management for timely completion.
  • Compliance with building regulations and standards.
  • Transparent communication with clients.
  • Comprehensive planning and budgeting.
  • Collaboration with trusted subcontractors.
  • Attention to detail in every phase of construction.
  • Customer satisfaction guaranteed.

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New Builds Services

Welcome to Force Builders where you have our assurance that you will achieve your building dream with our expertise and dedication. The New Builds service we provide ensures your project succeeds from its inception through completion, and from concept to final build we support you in all stages of the construction process.

In the context of New Builds, the construction projects can be divided into two: residential homes and commercial buildings. Our committed team of experts has what it takes to achieve the highest standards, whether your building a new home or investing in a commercial property.

What does our New Build service cover?

Initial Consultation: We start with meeting you for a talk on budgets, goals and preferences on your new build project. We will work together with you so that all your visions are brought to action and we will focus on delivering according the unique needs.

Design and Planning: Our designers and architects will be joined with you to develop a special design in an accordance with your style and fulfilling your purpose requirements. To facilitate the project, we’ll consider the factors such as site conditions, zoning regulations and energy saving while implementing it.

Construction Management: Our project manager ensures that nothing is left to chance, from the site preparation to the final inspection, all stages of the construction process are in their view. We collaborate closely with a strong in-house team of skilled subcontractors and suppliers as well as other external partners to ensure that your project remains on time and within budget.

Quality Assurance: Site quality is the pride of delivering products of maximum quality at every project we do. Our promise for quality implies the new structures are meeting or exceed industry standards and will withstand the stress and strain of time.

Customer Satisfaction: Customers’ satisfaction is an indispensable part of our services at Force Builders. We are open to inquiries while the construction is ongoing by keeping you informed of each development until the project is completed and the addressing of any issues or questions raised is undertaken as needed.

New Builds service from Force Builders gives confidence and peace of mind to our customers of bringing their vision to life. Contact us today to book a consultation and together we will start planning your project of the new build with Force Builders.

Call us now to begin the journey of bringing your dream property to life with our expert New Build services.

Areas we Cover:

Kensington, Knightsbridge, Wimbledon, Richmond, Archway, Finchley, Fulham, Notting Hill, Holland Park, Putney

Planning and Design:
Planning and Design:
Planning and Design:

Meticulous blueprint creation aligns vision with function.

Construction and Execution:
Construction and Execution:
Construction and Execution:

Skilled teams bring design to life efficiently.

Quality Assurance and Handover:
Quality Assurance and Handover:
Quality Assurance and Handover:

Rigorous testing precedes client project delivery.

Why Choose Force Builders Ltd?

Force Builders Ltd – where your dreams take shape and excellence is non-negotiable.>

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