Force Builders Ltd Transforms CLEVELAND ARMS Pub with Comprehensive Renovation

Force Builders Ltd Transforms CLEVELAND ARMS Pub with Comprehensive Renovation

It is interesting to note that Force Builders, a reputable construction and restoration company, has completed an extensive renovation project for the well-known CLEVELAND ARMS Pub. This remarkable undertaking serves as yet another testament to Force Builders’ dedication to breathing new life into spaces through their skilled craftsmanship and innovative designs.

Grand Transformation Revealed

Situated in Birmingham’s city centre, The CLEVELAND ARMS Pub is a cherished venue that Force Builders Ltd has effectively been able to restore to its former glory. Their task was a double one: not only did they have to retain the character of the place but also reinvigorate it in such a way that it will continue serving the community in future years. And, I must say, what we have is an amazing mix of old architectural masterpieces with the latest features that contribute to an enjoyable environment for everyone who enters it.

Expertise comes together with artistry.

In the performance of this project, the 23-year expertise of Force Builders Ltd. in construction and restoration was instrumental. The team managed to preserve every feature of the original building while connecting new components to its structure with a distinct sensitivity. Starting from the façade that has been faithfully restored and ending with the redesigned inner space, each element is characterized by a proper balance between tradition and modernity.

The approach is client-centric.

We are happy that we have been chosen to renovate CLEVELAND ARMS Pub. Our customer-first policy ensures that the design ideas align with the needs and wishes of the place and its customers. This undertaking serves as proof of our dedication to delivering top-quality outcomes in all projects we undertake.

A symbol of heritage and progress is a facility that combines the glory of its past with the efficiency of its present and seeks to sustain it in the future.

The restoration of the CLEVELAND ARMS Pub signifies the importance of retaining cultural heritage as an active participant in the transformations towards improvement. Force Builders Ltd’s devotion to maintaining historical significance while introducing up-to-date comfort has given rise to an exceptional space that connects history with today.

The Force Builders Limited Company is a team of builders offering a wide range of construction and renovation services. Our team consists of highly skilled professionals who work with dedication to ensure that every project is completed to the highest standards. We specialize in both residential and commercial projects, providing solutions for all your construction needs. Whether it is a new build or an extension, renovation, or restoration, we have the expertise to deliver results that exceed expectations.

Force Builders Ltd is one of the best contractors and builders with a comprehensive range of services in construction and restoration. They are experts in these fields, having served their clientele for more than 20 years. With experience in constructing modern structures as well as restoring historical ones, Force Builders Ltd has become reliable due to its devotion to excellence and making clients happy.


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